Job Listings : Paid Part-Time Research Position for Cancer Genomics at Stanford Medical School

Company : Stanford University
Post Date : 04/21/2017
Type : Part Time

Hanlee Ji lab at Stanford Medical School is looking for advanced undergraduate student as a research intern (part-time) to develop new algorithm to analyze sequencing data from cancer patients. Next generation sequencing technology enables us to have genomic data from every patient who visits hospitals near future. We use this genomic information for clinical decisions in the context of “Precision Medicine”. The reliable and accurate identification of somatic variants continues to be a significant issue. We are using k-mer approach to analyze sequencing data. From this project, you will learn how to analyze the sequencing data from next generation sequencing (NGS) technology from cancer patients, understand medical information, manage big data, and improve communication skills with medical doctor and cancer researcher. You will work in an active and very competitive research environment (“Precision Medicine” is everywhere these days) under guidance of senior postdoctoral scholar. This project will have publications and software for real medical problem.

Successful candidate should have expertise (or willing to learn) in the following areas;
-C++ (required)
-String matching algorithm (required)
-Good understanding of Union find / tree (data structure)
-Familiar with Python
-Familiar with version control (i.e. git)
-Familiar with Amazon Web Service and Docker
-Good communication skills
-Good team player

-7 to 15 hours work / week
-Weekly meeting to discuss progress
-Documentation of software

If you are interested, please send your CV and your brief motivation for this position to
Applications will be considered as soon as they arrive and until April 21, 2017