Job Listings : Computer Hardware Architect

Company : Apple
Post Date : 04/14/2017
Type : Full Time*USA&pN=0&openJobId=55508515

Job Opening

Computer Hardware Architect

The compute hardware architecture team in the Special Projects Group is responsible for the definition, specification and technical leadership for the end-to-end compute needs of next generation products.
We are looking for talented candidates with hardware architecture experience (CPU, GPU and hardware accelerator) and strong computer vision/machine learning background. The role requires analysis of algorithms (computer vision, machine learning, signal processing) to define compute partitioning between compute resources (CPU, GPU, hardware accelerators), and definition of specialized hardware accelerators or enhancements to existing ones.

Key Qualifications

Extensive experience in efficient hardware architecture implementations of computer vision, machine learning and signal processing algorithms.
Solid understanding of the tradeoffs between CPU, GPU, and hardware accelerator implementations.
Ability to benchmark algorithms on CPUs and GPUs, analyze performance counters and create high-level algorithm complexity models.
System level knowledge of tradeoffs of heterogeneous and interconnected compute resources.
Demonstrated ability to develop hardware accelerator performance and bit accurate models in high level programming languages.
Strong object-oriented programming experience in C++, Python, Swift or equivalent high-level languages.
Familiarity with digital design of hardware accelerator and ASICs.
Excellent communication skills required to interact with cross functional teams from algorithms and software to hardware micro-architecture and circuit design teams.


• Ph.D. EE/CE/CS, or B.S./M.S. EE/CE/CS with relevant industry experience