Elizabeth Stinson : 2009 Security Meeting


Thursday, April 16, 2009
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

"Pretty Good Access Control"


As more and more people live their lives online and in full public view, there is an increasing need to moderate what information is available to which audiences. People may wish to share information from tweets to web search history to educational background to current GPS coordinates with other entities, including family and friends. In order to help non-experts specify sharing polices, we present PixAL (pronounced "pixel"), an Access control Language for a user's Personal Index (Pix), which indexes a user's information -- providing a single logical view of geographically dispersed and heterogeneous data. Our implementation is built on top of jena, HP's open-source Java framework for developing semantic web applications, and consists of two modules: one for specifying access control policy and a second which enforces access control policy via rewriting received SPARQL queries.

Joint work with John C. Mitchell.


Liz is a second year PhD student in the Stanford CS department. She is interested in practical improvements to computer security problems. Liz has a BA from Georgetown University in American Studies and an MSCS from Stanford.