2017 Poster Sessions : Carta: Course Exploration and Discovery at Stanford

Student Name : Tum Chaturapruek
Advisor : Ramesh Johari
Research Areas: Information Systems
Carta https://carta.stanford.edu, https://cartalab.stanford.edu is a course exploration platform that we have been developing using complete data on enrollments and course evaluations from the Stanford Registrar and the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning. Carta is a web application that provides students information about a range of key questions that impact their course selection and undergraduate career, e.g.: How difficult or intense is this courseload likely to be? When should I take course A relative to course B? When should I fulfill requirements? What courses can I take to explore or diversify my experience at Stanford? Students rely on Carta as a course planning, exploration, and discovery tool as they shape their undergraduate career. In this poster, I'll briefly describe the background behind Carta, and the role of Carta as a research platform to understand the undergraduate experience and study online platform design.

Tum is a third-year computer science Ph.D. student at Stanford University, advised by Ramesh Johari (MS&E) and John Mitchell (CS & Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning). He is using Carta as a substrate to do research at the intersection of informational platform design, Human-Computer Interaction, and Artificial Intelligence. He also studies the algorithmic side of sequential decision making and recently got interested in reinforcement learning. Previously, he was a mathematics and CS double major at Harvey Mudd College.