2017 Poster Sessions : ISETBio: A Computational Engine for Modeling the Early Visual System

Student Name : James Golden
Advisor : Brian Wandell
Research Areas: Information Systems
ISETBio is a freely available collaborative software resource that captures our current understanding of the physiological optics, phototransduction and retinal processing that shape the visual signals transmitted from the eye to the brain. The first stage of the computational engine captures essential features of physiological imaging and photon capture. Models of the phototransduction process then convert the photon capture to photoreceptor signals that begin the cascade of retinal processing. Finally, models of retinal circuitry and processing convert these photoreceptor signals to output patterns of retinal ganglion cell activity, emulating the signals conveyed from the eye to the brain. This resource is accompanied by a repository of validation data, and is used to generate testable hypotheses about visual physiology and behavior using the computational observer approach. Ideally, it will evolve into a centralized platform for understanding, sharing, and applying of our knowledge of the early visual pathways (github.com/isetbio).

James Golden works on the neuroscience of vision as a postdoc in the labs of EJ Chichilnisky and Brian Wandell.