2017 Poster Sessions : Upstart: Designing for Collective Governance in Gig Work

Student Name : Ali Alkhatib
Advisor : Michael Bernstein
Research Areas: Graphics/HCI
Due to the nature of existing gig labor markets, policies and decisions that affect gig workers are made without the voices of gig workers themselves.
 With the National Domestic Workers Alliance and the Fair Care Labs, we investigate and explore the viability of digitally mediated labor markets that are designed collaboratively with, and governed by, its workers.

Ali Alkhatib is a third-year PhD student working with Michael Bernstein. His work focuses on understanding contemporary phenomena such as digitally mediated labor, often through established theoretical frameworks, and using those findings to identify a broader context to unfolding events, as well as identify potential futures. Ali earned a BA in Anthropology, and a BS in Informatics, from the University of California, Irvine.