2017 Poster Sessions : A Virtual Assistant for Virtual Reality

Student Name : Michael Fischer
Advisor : Monica Lam
Research Areas: Computer Systems
In this project we present a voice controlled virtual assistant for interactions in virtual reality. In the bottom of the virtual reality headset is a microphone we use to record what the user is saying. The user uses their voice to control several interactions within the virtual reality environment including showing videos, adjusting the lighting, sending messages, and controlling other virtual devices. The system is extensible using a web interface.

Michael Fischer is a Ph.D. student studying Computer Science at Stanford University. His Ph.D. adviser is Professor Lam. Michael is interested in the theory of collaboration and how it can be applied to the Internet to promote innovation and creativity with large groups of people. Michael is also interested in applying computer science to problems in physics and mathematics. Michael received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science with Honors from Stanford University. Michael can be reached at mfischer@cs.stanford.edu