Brian Cooper : 2010 InfoLab Workshop


Thursday, April 29, 2010
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

"Cloud Panel #2: Analytics"


The world is suddenly giddy about big data. Researchers and practitioners from many disciplines are turning their attention to this topic, leading to a crop of new "cloud" data management models and systems (e.g. Google's Map-Reduce and Amazon's Dynamo). Driven by new applications, users and scalability needs, these systems take a fresh look at nearly all aspects of data-intensive systems from data models to consistency semantics to query scheduling.

This pair of panels brings together researchers close to this activity to discuss trends and challenges. One panel focuses on analytical workloads, while the other focuses on transactional workloads.


Brian Cooper is a research scientist at Yahoo! Research. Before that he was an assistant professor at Georgia Tech, and before that, he was a PhD student at Stanford. His interests are in building distributed systems, and in particular, distributed systems that do database-style management and processing of data. At Yahoo!, he works on building very large distributed data storage and processing systems. In previous lives he worked on self-adaptive peer-to-peer systems, distributed streaming event processing, reliable distributed archival data storage, and XML indexing.