Michael Fischer : 2013 Mobile and Social Workshop


Thursday, April 18, 2013
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

"Corktastic: Software for Physically Based Networks"


Imagine an app that bursts out of your phone and lands on a wall. Corktastic is an application platform that allows apps to be developed that communicate between mobile phones and large screens. In this project, we develop the infrastructure needed to make such apps. With this application platform, interactions between mobile phones and large screens are enabled which allow for developers to create new applications and experiences that differ from more traditional applications. In this talk, I will describe Corktastic, the infrastructure and primitives needed to support such universal apps, some of the apps that have been developed, current locations where the system is installed, discuss the data that has been collected and its analysis, and future work for the project.


Michael Fischer is a Ph.D. student studying Computer Science at Stanford University. His Ph.D. adviser is Professor Monica Lam. Michael is interested in the theory of collaboration and how it can be applied to the Internet to promote innovation and creativity with large groups of people. Michael is also interested in applying computer science to problems in physics and mathematics. Michael received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science with Honors from Stanford University. Michael can be reached at mfischer@cs.stanford.edu.