Oded Horovitz: 2014 Plenary Session


Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

"CPU as the New Perimeter: Attestation and Memory Encryption Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud"

Recent news regarding the NSA's "software implant" program is pushing concerns regarding physical and cloud security to center stage. Since server memory is "in the clear" its contents can be can stolen and copied, and the data parsed to access encryption keys, software and decrypted sensitive data. This session will discuss the role of in-memory data protection for achieving end-to-end security. Oded will explain attack methods including direct memory access (DMA), memory extraction, and malicious hardware devices that can be used to undermine current data protection mechanisms. He will also explain how PrivateCore has modified the Linux kernel to provide a software architecture that leverage the Intel CPUs as the new physical perimeter.


Oded Horovitz is a Co-founder and CEO of PrivateCore, the private computing company. Oded is an industry veteran with 20 years of experience in virtualization, cloud computing and information security. Prior to founding PrivateCore, Oded was a senior staff engineer at VMware where he led the development of vShield and vmsafe security products. Prior to VMware Oded spent three years at McAfee leading the HIPS security group after joining through the acquisition of Entercept in 2003. Oded spent five years at Entercept as software architect and security researcher, and six years at the Israeli Defense Force working on various IT projects.