Gill Bejerano: 2015 AI Workshop


Thursday April 30, 2015
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

"The Human Genome IDE is Coming (or why AH > AI)"


Our community has recently become concerned with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) singularity event. I will explain why we are probably closer to an “artificial humanity” (AH) singularity. Three different lines of research are converging to provide a human genome “integrated development environment” (IDE): Genome sequencing (read), genome editing (write), and genome interpretation (understand). I will briefly explain this convergence, touch on its potential highs and lows, and describe our own work to bring good to the world by automating the solving of Stanford patient genomes, an area bursting with AI opportunities.


Gill Bejerano has a unique primary appointment spanning Computer Science, Developmental Biology and Pediatrics at Stanford University. Dr. Bejerano is a world expert in human genome evolution. He discovered ultraconservation, and has published seminal works on the evolution and function of the “control layer” of the human genome. His group’s web tools have been used over 1/3 million times, aiding hundreds of published works. Dr. Bejerano is now focusing much of his group’s effort in interpreting human patient genomes, and related computational challenges. Recognition of Dr. Bejerano’s academic achievements include the Packard, Microsoft, Mallinckrodt, Searle, Human Frontier, and Sloan fellowship awards.