Steve Eglash: 2015 AI Workshop


Thursday April 30, 2015
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

"The AI affiliate program"


AI is an integral part of many exciting business and consumer tools such as assisted and autonomous driving, speech recognition, semantic search, recommendation systems, machine translation, and 3D sensing in consumer gaming. The AI Lab Affiliates Program brings all of these efforts together and provides a structure for industry to engage effectively. The affiliates program represents a new era of close engagement with a small number of major companies. It supports corporate interaction through organized retreats, an Advisory Board, and informal interactions. The goal is bidirectional transfer of knowledge and excitement!


Steve Eglash is an industry executive and technologist focusing on data science, energy, cleantech, optoelectronics, and materials with a strong technical background and experience in data science applications, corporate management, engineering, marketing and sales, venture capital, and the management of innovation. Steve is executive director of the Stanford Data Science Initiative, the Artificial Intelligence Lab, and the Secure Internet of Things Project. Previously, Steve was the founding executive director of Stanford’s Energy & Environment Affiliates Program.

Prior to joining Stanford, Steve was President and CEO of the solar energy company Cyrium Technologies, a full time consultant to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the US Department of Energy, and a venture capitalist at Worldview Technology Partners. Steve was Vice President at SDL (JDSU) and a research scientist at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Steve received a PhD and MS from Stanford University, and a BS from the University of California at Berkeley, all in Electrical Engineering. He has more than 40 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and four patents. Steve is a member of the Board of Directors of the Materials Research Society, a Fellow of the SPIE, and a member of the IEEE and OSA.

Steve is vice chair of the Santa Clara University College of Arts & Sciences Leadership Board and he is a member of the City of Palo Alto Utilities Advisory Commission. Steve has been involved in a variety of humanitarian projects such as the Tech Museum Awards for Technology Benefiting Humanity and the Global Social Benefit Incubator at Santa Clara University.