Kevin Kiningham: 2016 IoT Workshop


Thursday, April 14, 2016
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

"Hardware Support for Long-Term Cryptographic Flexibility"



Embedded wireless sensors, once deployed, may remain in active use for decades.

At the same time, as motes come to dominate both the number of hosts and data traffic of the Internet, their security will become fundamental to general Internet security.

The paper describes an initial design for what hardware security support such a device should have, focusing on five hardware primitives: an atomic, unique counter, a random number generator based on physical entropy, additional instructions to accelerate symmetric ciphers, an elliptic curve accelerator, and support for modular polynomial multiplication used in post-quantum cryptographic signing algorithms.


Kevin Kiningham is a 2nd year Ph.D student working under Phil Levis. His focus includes embedded device security and flexible hardware.