Laurynas Riliskis: 2016 IoT Workshop


Thursday, April 14, 2016
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

"Programming IoT Applications with Ravel"



The embedded sensor networks are a promising technology to improve our life with home and industrial automation, health monitoring, and sensing and actuation in agriculture. Fitness trackers, thermostats, door locks are just a few examples of Internet of Things that have already become part of our everyday life. Despite advances in sensors, microcontrollers, signal processing, networking and programming languages, developing an Internet of Things application is a laborious task.

Many of these complex distributed systems share a 3-tier architecture consisting of embedded nodes, gateways that connect an embedded network to the wider Internet and data services in servers or the cloud. Yet the IoT applications are developed for each tier separately. Consequently, the developer needs to amalgamate these distinct applications together.

We proposes a novel approach for programming applications across 3-tiers using a distributed extension of the Model-View-Controller architecture. We add new primitive: space - that contains properties and implementation of a particular tier.

Writing applications in this architecture affords numerous advantages: automatic model synchronization, data transport, and energy efficiency.


Laurynas Riliskis is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He researches new abstraction levels for development of Secure Internet of Thing.