Steve Eglash: 2016 IoT Workshop


Thursday, April 14, 2016
Location: Fisher Conference Center, Arrillaga Alumni Center

"Introduction:The IoT Revolution and Stanford Research in IoT"



The proliferation of varied and diverse cloud-connected sensors and actuators is impacting everything including our homes, ourselves, healthcare, transportation, environmental monitoring, and manufacturing. It's also impacting virtually every industry. Stanford, UC Berkeley, and the University of Michigan are collaborating on a ambitious approach to end-to-end IoT systems including operating systems, machine learning, and semiconductors with a major emphasis on security. Today's workshop will present current research activities from all aspects of this research program.


Steve Eglash is executive director of the Stanford Data Science Initiative (Stanford's university-wide program on big data), Artificial Intelligence Lab, Secure Internet of Things Project, and Stanford AI Lab-Toyota Center for Artificial Intelligence Research.Steve structures and manages research programs and works with companies and governments on research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and exploiting the data revolution.Previously, he was the founding executive director of Stanford's Energy & Environment Affiliates Program. Prior to joining Stanford, Steve was president and CEO of the solar energy company Cyrium Technologies, consultant for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the US Department of Energy, venture capitalist at Worldview Technology Partners, vice president at SDL (JDSU), and member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.As vice president at semiconductor laser company SDL Inc. Steve was part of the management team that grew this company to annual revenue of $1 billion and engineered one of the largest high-tech acquisitions ever. Steve received a PhD and MS from Stanford University, and a BS from the University of California at Berkeley, all in Electrical Engineering. Steve is a Fellow of the SPIE, a former Board member of the MRS, and a member of ACM, IEEE, and OSA. Steve is vice chair of the Santa Clara University College of Arts & Sciences Leadership Board and a City of Palo Alto Utilities Commissioner.