2009 Poster Sessions : Exploring Computational Billiards

Student Name : Chris Archibald
Advisor : Yoav Shoham
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
Pool/Billiards is a unique environment for computer agents to participate in, including continuous state and action spaces, turn-taking, actions taken at discrete time steps, and uncertainty over the results of actions. Billiards presents challenges both in the modeling of the game, and the design of an agent which plays. We describe CueCard, the winning agent at the 2008 Computer Olympiad Computational pool tournament, discussing specifically the features of CueCard that distinguished it from the competition, as well as post-tournament analysis of how much these components contributed to the victory.

Chris Archibald is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Stanford University, working with Professor Yoav Shoham. He is interested broadly in Multi-Agent Systems and Artificial Intelligence, with current focus on the domain of billiards. He was the lead programmer of the agent (CueCard) which won the 2008 Computer Olympiad pool competition. He received a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University in 2006.