2009 Poster Sessions : Reservoir Management Based on Approximate Dynamic Programming

Student Name : Zheng Wen
Advisor : Benjamin Van Roy
Research Areas: Information Systems
Petroleum reservoir management is in general a large-scale, nonlinear dynamic optimization problem. In this project, we propose computational methods to solve this problem based on Approximate Dynamic Programming (ADP). Specifically, we generate features of the approximate cost-to-go function based on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) and compute the weights of features based on Temporal-Difference Learning (TD-Learning) and Reduced Linear Programming (RLP). Some simulation results based on this algorithm are also demonstrated.

Zheng Wen is mainly interested in mathematical modeling and optimization. He is currently working with Prof. Benjamin Van Roy on Reservoir Management based on Approximate Dynamic Programming. He is currently a second-year PhD student in Stanford, majoring in EE.