2009 Poster Sessions : Linux Kernel Developer Responses to Static Analysis Bug Reports

Student Name : Philip Guo
Advisor : Dawson Engler
Research Areas: Computer Systems
We present a study of how Linux kernel developers respond to bug reports issued by an automated bug finding tool. We found that developers prefer to triage reports in younger, smaller, and more actively-maintained files. Also, the longer it takes developers to triage a particular report, the less likely the veracity or cause of that bug will be identified. Finally, we discovered significant correlations at the file and module levels between the numbers of bugs found by an automated tool and reported by users. (This work will be presented at the 2009 USENIX Annual Technical Conference.)

Advisor: Dawson Engler

Philip J. Guo is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. His research interests are in how computer programmers work, how to automatically find bugs in the code they write, and how programmers deal with bugs found in their code. Prior to Stanford, he received S.B. and M.Eng. degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.