2009 Poster Sessions : Wireless Communication Systems for Bio-sensors

Student Name : Henrique Miranda
Advisor : Teresa Meng
Research Areas: Information Systems
There has been a rapid development of in the integration of electronics in biological systems for measurement and control functions. The bio-sensor applications usually require data and sometimes power to be transferred wirelessly, since transcutaneous wire connections have a high risk of infection. Low data-rate bio-sensors such as those measuring temperature, blood pressure, glucose levels or aimed at disease control are the most prevalent ones. However, there is an emerging class of bio-sensors that require enormous amounts of data processing, transmission and storage. Brain implants is one example of these high-bandwidth applications, where simultaneous processing of tens or hundreds of neurological signals often takes place. This application is the main focus of this poster presentation.

Henrique Miranda received his Licenciatura and Ms.C. degrees from University of Porto, Portugal in Electrical Engineering. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical engineering at Stanford University.
His current research interests include very low-power wideband communication systems and antennas for biomedical applications.