2009 Poster Sessions : ELM: Efficient Low-Power Microprocessor

Student Name : Curt Harting
Advisor : William Dally
Research Areas: Computer Systems
For computationally intense embedded applications, ASICs dominate RISC processor usage because they are approximately 50x more efficient. The lower energy used by ASICs sacrifices programmibilty. The ELM project is a top to bottom research effort focused on delivering an energy-efficient programmable computation substrate. We have developed an energy efficient architecture, studied low power circuits, developed a complier, and are working on a high level programming system. Though our efforts, we have been able to narrow the energy efficiency gap by nearly an order of magnitude.

Curt Harting is a Electrical Engineering PhD student in Professor Bill Dally's group. His research is primarily focused on the design and implementation of energy efficient architectures. Harting received his MS in electrical engineering from Stanford Unversity and BSE from Duke University.