2009 Poster Sessions : Multirate Multicast Transmission using Network Coding

Student Name : Joseph Koo
Advisor : John T. Gill, III
Research Areas: Information Systems
Network coding has been shown to increase the data capacity of a network, when compared against store-and-forward routing schemes. Transmission rate gains are realized by coding information together at nodes within the network, which contrasts with the traditional approach of treating data as flows that must be routed separately. Using network coding techniques, it has been shown that a single sender is able to simultaneously send the same data to each of multiple receivers at data rates equal to the maximum point-to-point rate of the most constrained receiver. In this work, we consider an extension of the multicast scenario by allowing each receiver to receive data at its individual maximum point-to-point rate. We present an algorithm which determines for any given network if such data rates are sustainable. The efficiency of more general algorithms to solve this problem is also analyzed.

Joseph Koo is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2005, and his M.S. in Management Science and Engineering in 2008. His research focuses on applying optimization techniques to problems in network coding and communications.