2009 Poster Sessions : The Stanford Virtual World Architecture and Applications

Student Name : Daniel Horn
Advisor : Patrick Hanrahan
Research Areas: Graphics/HCI
Virtual worlds are networked, multi-user, simulated environments. They simulate physical interaction in three-dimensional spaces, decouple such interaction from geographic constraints and allow users to manipulate virtual objects in the world and communicate with others. Virtual worlds have applications in telepresence, education, collaborative design and entertainment. Existing virtual world platforms suffer from fundamental scalability, security, and content limitations that render them unsuitable for the applications we imagine. There is not a robust, powerful, publicly available virtual world platform. We're building an open-source virtual world platform that will be widely available and serves the needs of the science and engineering community, as well as the general public. Specifically, we are investigating architectures which enable the growth of virtual world systems to millions of concurrent participants.

Daniel Horn is a Computer Science PhD Candidate who works in the graphics lab at Stanford. He has specialized in virtual world systems technology with a focus on designing an open, extensible, scalable virtual worlds system architecture that degrades gracefully under load.