2010 Poster Sessions : Plug-n-Serve: Load-Balancing Web Traffic using OpenFlow

Student Name : Nikhil Handigol
Advisor : Nick McKeown
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Effective load-balancing systems for services hosted in unstructured networks need to take into account both the congestion of the network and the load on the servers. In this poster, we illustrate a comprehensive load-balancing solution that works well for such networks. The system we showcase, called Plug-n-Serve, tries to minimize response time by controlling the load on the network and the servers using customized flow routing.
The poster shows how the Plug-n-Serve system works within our deployment in the CS building at Stanford University. Besides the base behavior, we show the effect of dynamically adding and removing computing resources to the system, increasing the request arrival rate, altering the CPU or network load of each request, and changing load balancing algorithms.

Nikhil Handigol is a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. He graduated in 2008 from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India with a B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. His research at Stanford focuses on cloud computing and the next generation mobile Internet.