2010 Poster Sessions : Toward a Better Data Collection Tool for Health Workers in Resource-constrained Environments

Student Name : Tom Wiltzius
Advisor : Terry Winograd
Research Areas: Graphics/HCI
The recent explosion of mobile phone penetration in developing regions enables a variety of interesting new applications for mobile devices. A significant example of such an application is communication between hospitals in developing regions and their rural healthcare workforces. The challenges of designing a data collection tool for healthcare workers in these environments are substantial: financial constraints prevent reliance on SMS as a go-to data transport mechanism, but infrastructural limitations prevent reliance on GPRS or other more sophisticated mobile web protocols. The complexity of these data transport requirements can necessitate limitations on data input, which must not interfere with the functionality needs of the target user group, which has little technical knowledge. This project examines a number of methods that can be employed to design a better data collection tool targeted at community healthcare workers in developing regions.

Tom Wiltzius is a senior undergraduate studying Computer Science with a systems concentration. His prior work has focused on wireless networking, particularly in developing regions, and other ICTD projects.