2010 Poster Sessions : Preserving Privacy with PrPl: a Decentralized Social Networking Infrastructure

Student Name : Seok-Won Seong
Advisor : Monica Lam
Research Areas: Computer Systems
We presents PrPl, a decentralized infrastructure that lets users participate in online social networking without loss of data ownership. PrPl adopts a person-centric architecture, where each individual uses a Personal-Cloud Butler service that provides a safe haven for one's personal digital asset and supports sharing with fi ne-grain access control. Each Butler provides a federation of data storage; it keeps a semantic index to data that can reside, possibly encrypted, in other storage services. It uses the standard, decentralized OpenID management system, so users can use their established personas in accessing the data.

One pre-requisite to the success of a platform is the availability of applications, which means that ease of application development is essential. We have developed a language called SociaLite, based on Datalog, that allows developers to use a simple declarative database query to access the large collection of private data served up by the Butlers in our social circle running under different administrative domains. We show that a number of social applications can be written in a small number of lines of code using SociaLite. Preliminary experimental results suggest that it is viable to enable sharing of private social data between close friends with a decentralized architecture.

Seok-Won Seong is a third-year Engineer student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He is currently with the Stanford Mobile and Social Research Group, supervised by Prof. Monica Lam. Prior to joining Stanford, he worked as an IT Specialist at IBM and has researched database data integration and code compression techniques in embedded systems.