2010 Poster Sessions : Micropolygon Visibility in a Modern Graphics Pipeline

Student Name : John Brunhaver
Advisor : Patrick Hanrahan
Research Areas: Graphics/HCI
Current GPUs rasterize micropolygons (polygons approximately one pixel in size) inefficiently. Additionally, modern systems do not natively support rasterization with jittered sampling, defocus, and motion blur. We present an analysis of the cost and performance of a hardware special function unit for the rasterization of micropolygons with support for defocus and motion blur. We show that there is a constant coefficient decrease in cost between 100-1000x compared to GPGPU and data parallel implementation previously presented.

John Brunhaver is an electrical engineering graduate student pursuing topics related to real-time computer graphics.
He is an alumnus of Northeastern University and a student member of the IEEE. He has previously worked as an engineer for Intel where he contributed to Xeon and Itanium projects.