2010 Poster Sessions : Collaborative Learning with CourseWare

Student Name : Gary Luu
Advisor : John Mitchell
Research Areas: Computer Systems, Theory
CourseWare is a course presentation web site built around two basic principles: (i) support the social networks of students, course staff, and instructors, and (ii) open access: instructor-governed fine-grained access control to allow instructors to selectively make their educational materials openly available. The site also provides video and quiz features to support additional modes of instruction. CourseWare supports research into social network security and has been in successful operation this academic year.

Gary Luu was a M.S. Computer Science student and now currently works as a research programmer for Prof. John Mitchell. He was the primary developer of CourseWare's interactive video system. CourseWare as a whole was developed by a team of students under the direction of Prof. Mitchell.