2008 Poster Sessions : Region-of-Interest Prediction for Interactively Streaming Regions of High-Resolution Video

Student Name : Aditya Mavlankar
Advisor : Bernd Girod
Research Areas: Information Systems
We investigate region-of-interest (ROI) prediction strategies for a client-server system that interactively streams regions of high-resolution video. ROI prediction enables pro-active pre-fetching of select slices of encoded video from the server to allow low latency of interaction despite the delay of packets on the network. The client has a buffer of low-resolution overview video frames available. We propose and study ROI prediction schemes that can take advantage of the motion information contained in these buffered frames. The system operates in two modes. In the manual mode, the user interacts actively to view select regions in each frame of video. The ROI prediction in this mode aims to reduce the distortion experienced by the viewer in his desired ROI. In the tracking mode, the user simply indicates an object to track and the system supplies an ROI trajectory without further interaction. For this mode, the prediction aims to create a smooth and stable trajectory that satisfies the user?s expectation of tracking. While the motion information enables the tracking mode, it also improves the ROI prediction in the manual mode.

Aditya Mavlankar is currently a researcher at the Information Systems Laboratory of Stanford University, Stanford, CA. He got his B.E.
degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from University of Pune, India in 2002 and his Master's degree in Communications Engineering from the Technical University of Munich, Germany in 2004. His Master's thesis was awarded the Edison Prize Bronze Medal by IIE Europe in conjunction with the GE Foundation. He has been twice the co-recipient of the Best Student Paper Award; at the IEEE Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), Victoria, Canada in 2006 and at the 15th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Poznan, Poland in 2007. His paper at the 16th International Packet Video Workshop (PV) in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2007 won him a Student Travel Grant Award.
He co-authored a paper at the Picture Coding Symposium (PCS) in Lisbon, Portugal in 2007 which was among the top four Finalists for the Best Paper Award. His research interests include scalable video coding, interactive video delivery and peer-to-peer video streaming.