2011 Poster Sessions : Placement Optimization in Distributed Antenna Systems

Student Name : Sina Firouzabadi
Advisor : Andrea Goldsmith
Research Areas: Information Systems
We investigate the optimal placement of the transmit antennas in distributed antenna systems. We present a fairly general framework for this optimization with no constraint on the location of the antennas. Based on stochastic approximation theory, we adopt a formulation that is suitable for node placement optimization in various wireless network scenarios. We show that optimal placement of antennas inside the coverage region can significantly improve the power efficiency of wireless networks. We obtain the optimal placement topologies for different numbers of antennas and illustrate that the circular deployment is not optimum in general. Finally, we show via simulations that the optimal placement solution does not depend on the underlying shadowing model.

Sina Firouzabadi, is a third year PhD student in Wireless System Lab at Stanford. His research interests include stochastic optimization, distributed antenna systems and application of approximate dynamic programing in wireless netwoks. He received his Masters degree from University of Maryland at College Park at 2008.