2011 Poster Sessions : Action in Information Theory

Student Name : Himanshu Asnani
Advisor : Tsachy Weissman
Research Areas: Information Systems
Abstract :
We introduce the notion of *choice*, or *action*, into canonical Shannon theoretic models. Actions affect the quality of the available information. Examples include (1) Communicating with *probes* affecting the availability or quality of channel state information, (2) *Feedback logic* for the acquisition of feedback in communication systems and (3) Compression when the encoder or decoder can choose whether and where to make noisy observations on the source to be compressed, under a limited budget of observations allowed. We characterize the fundamental performance limits in these and other scenarios pertaining to *Action in Information Theory*.

Himanshu Asnani is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and is working with Prof. Tsachy Weissman in the Information Systems Lab (ISL) of EE Department. He is also a Stanford Graduate Fellow. He got his Bachelor's Degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (India), in 2009 where he worked on scheduling in wireless networks. His current research interests include shannon theory, probability theory and statistical learning.