2011 Poster Sessions : Gridspice: A Simulation Platform for Optimizing Demand Response

Student Name : Kyle Anderson
Advisor : Abbas El Gamal
Research Areas: Information Systems
One of the biggest challenges for the electrical grid is that most electricity must be consumed at the moment it is generated. Matching electricity supply and demand at any given time has proven to be problematic and inefficient. This is particularly true during episodes of peak demand. Meeting peak power demand is very expensive because power plants used to meet this sudden demand remain idle for most of the year. According to the Department of Energy, 10% of all generation assets and 25% of distribution infrastructure are utilized less than 400 hours per year, or roughly 5% of the time. A way to mitigate the need to build additional power plants for increases in peak power demand is the implementation of Demand Response programs which offer customer incentives to reduce demand during certain variable hours. Gridspice is a software engine that allows utilities or grid operators to optimize their DR decisions using intelligent grid forecasting and powerflow analysis.

Kyle Anderson is a 1st year MS/Ph.D student in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He has a background in software development, and has worked in the telecommunications and networking industries at Ericsson and Arista Networks. Currently, Kyle is interested in developing new software to solve some of the problems of the outdated U.S. power grid.