2011 Poster Sessions : A Virtual Surgical Environment for Rehearsal of Tympanomastoidectomy

Student Name : Sonny Chan
Advisor : Kenneth Salisbury
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
We present a virtual surgical environment whose purpose is to assist the surgeon in preparation for individual cases. The system constructs interactive anatomical models from patient-specific, multi-modal preoperative image data, and incorporates new methods for visually and haptically rendering the volumetric data. Evaluation of the system's ability to replicate temporal bone dissections for tympanomastoidectomy, using intraoperative video of the same patients as guides, showed strong correlations between virtual and intraoperative anatomy. The result is a portable and cost-effective tool that may prove highly beneficial for the purposes of surgical planning and rehearsal.

Sonny Chan is a Ph.D. Candidate working with Professor Kenneth Salisbury in the BioRobotics research laboratory. The lab is engaged in interdisciplinary research that encompasses robotics, haptics, simulation, and applications of these technologies to various surgical disciplines. Sonny's primary research focus is on patient-specific surgical simulation and high-fidelity haptic rendering.