2011 Poster Sessions : Using Monetary Incentives to Influence Behavior in Healthcare and Transportation Systems

Student Name : Adrian Albert, Nanini Rose Gomes, Deepak Merugu
Advisor : Balaji Prabhakar
Research Areas: Information Systems
One important source of inefficiency in large-scale infrastructure systems - healthcare, transportation, or energy - is the very purpose for their existence: people. Examples include traffic congestion (e.g., many people use the highway system at the same time) or high healthcare costs because of lifestyle choices (e.g., people do not do exercise enough). We propose an incentive based approach through which people are rewarded for changing their behavior for the better. Our approach has a random reward component at its core for the incentives: each "good deed" brings participants a chance to win a reward that is proportional to the degree of their good behavior. To facilitate performance monitoring and rewards redemption for participants, we develop an online platform in the form of an interactive game of chance.

Naini Gomes is a PhD student in Management Science and Engineering and works on Societal Networks.

Deepak Merugu is a graduate student in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University. His interests lie in game theory in the context of networks and the application of incentive mechanisms for societal networks.

Adrian Albert is a PhD student in the Electrical Engineering department at Stanford. His interests include economic incentives and data mining and visualization for societal networks.