2011 Poster Sessions : Slicing Home Networks

Student Name : Yiannis Yiakoumis
Advisor : Nick McKeown
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Following penetration of broadband access, home networks are becoming an essential part of every household. Besides traditional e-mail and web-browsing, users depend on their home network to reach many high bandwidth internet applications, such as video and audio streaming, high quality video conferencing, file sharing and backup. Others such as electric utility or cellular companies develop a vested interest for the home network to use existing connectivity between the home and the rest of the Internet.

We want to explore how to exploit increasing capabilities at the edge of the network by providing new services to the user (like network management), and at the same time allow others to use the existing infrastructure to the home for applications like smart-metering and Open WiFi.

Yiannis is a PhD candidate at Stanford University (Electrical Engineering) working with Prof. Nick McKeown. His interests include future Internet architecture and platforms for network innovation and experimentation. While at Stanford, he has been involved with the Clean Slate program and the OpenFlow project. He has previously held engineering positions in Philips and Juniper Networks, and he holds a MS from Stanford and a diploma from University of Patras.