2011 Poster Sessions : Integrating Long Polling with an MVC Web Framework

Student Name : Eric Stratmann
Advisor : John K. Ousterhout
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Long polling is a technique that simulates server push using Ajax requests, allowing Web pages to be updated quickly after server events. However, existing long poll approaches are difficult to use, do not work well with Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks,
and are not scalable. Vault is an architecture for long polling that integrates cleanly with MVC frameworks and scales for clustered environments of hundreds of application servers. Vault lets developers focus on writing application-specific code without worrying about the details of how long polling is implemented.

I'm a 3rd year PhD student in CS working with John Ousterhout. Our research focuses on raising the level of web application development. I received my Bachelor's degree from Simon's Rock College of Bard.