2012 Poster Sessions : Network Congestion Avoidance Through Speculative Reservation

Student Name : Nan Jiang
Advisor : William Dally
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Congestion caused by hot-spot traffic can significantly degrade the performance of a computer network. In this study, we present the Speculative Reservation Protocol (SRP), a new network congestion control mechanism that relieves the effect of hot-spot traffic in high bandwidth, low latency, lossless computer networks. Compared to existing congestion control approaches like ECN, which react to network congestion through packet marking and rate throttling, SRP takes a proactive approach of congestion avoidance. Using a light-weight endpoint reservation scheme and speculative packet transmission, SRP avoids hot-spot congestion while incurring minimal overhead. Our simulation results show that SRP responds more rapidly to the onset of severe hot-spots than ECN and has a higher network throughput on bursty network traffic. SRP also performs comparably to networks without congestion control on benign traffic patterns by reducing the latency and throughput overhead commonly associated with reservation protocols.

Nan Jiang is a 5th year PhD student working under Professor Bill Dally. His main interest is in the design and implementation of on-chip networks and large scale system networks. His PhD research area includes on-chip network topology and quality of service, large scale network routing and congestion control. He will be graduating this year and is actively seeking industry job positions.