2012 Poster Sessions : Virtual Rehearsal Environment for Maxillofacial Fracture Repair with Haptic Feedback

Student Name : Sonny Chan, Jonas Forsslund
Advisor : Kenneth Salisbury
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
Repair of maxillofacial fractures involves aligning fragments of bone with accuracy so that aesthetics and function are restored, as well as selecting and adjusting implant plates intraoperatively. We are presenting conceptual and functional prototypes of a haptics-enabled maxillofacial surgery rehearsal environment that aims at providing a direct high-fidelity immersive experience for the operator with little training. The ability to shift important surgical decisions to a pre-operative planning stage would decrease the length of surgery and improve confidence in the accuracy of repair. With novel computational algorithms and interaction design of 6-DOF haptic technology, we aim to establish a level of user confidence in the interaction equivalent to the use of conventional plaster models.

Jonas Forsslund is a visiting student researcher in Prof. Kenneth Salisbury's group. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction studying haptic interaction design for surgical simulation at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden from where he received his M Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering. He is also the founder of Forsslund Systems AB, a producer of oral surgery simulators for training of dentists. At Stanford, he works with the simulation team at the Salisbury Robotics lab in developing a virtual surgical environment for patient-specific rehearsal.

Sonny Chan is a Ph.D. candidate working with Professor Kenneth Salisbuty in the BioRobotics research laboratory. The lab is engaged in interdisciplinary research that encompasses robotics, haptics, simulation, and applications of these technologies to various surgical disciplines. Sonny's primary research focus is on patient-specific surgical simulation and high-fidelity haptic rendering.