2012 Poster Sessions : Wireless Network Simplification: the Gaussian Diamond Network with Multiple Antennas

Student Name : Bobbie Chern
Advisor : Ayfer Özgur Aydin
Research Areas: Information Systems
Consider a source that communicates to a destination with the help of relays in a wireless network. Can we simplify the network by removing a (significant) number of the relays, while maintaining (a good part of) the capacity? In an earlier work, we showed that in every N-relay diamond network, there exists a subset of k relays which alone provide approximately a fraction k/(k+1) of the total capacity. This result is independent of the channel configurations and the operating SNR of the network. Current work is focused on extending this result to more general network configurations with multiple antennas by combining tools from submodular flows and Non-Shannon information inequalities.

Bobbie Chern is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering working with Professor Ayfer Ozgur in the Information Systems Lab (ISL).