2012 Poster Sessions : Designing a Educational Game Creator for Non-Programmers

Student Name : Patrick Costello, Dawson Zhou
Advisor : Stephen Cooper
Research Areas: Graphics/HCI
The role of video games in education is a relatively new and inexperienced field. The extensive programming experience required in video game development limits the degree to which most teachers can develop educational interactive software. Game creators requiring no such experience exist, but none are geared specifically toward educational games. In this paper, we describe the implementation of a simple game creator designed to allow teachers with little to no programming experience to develop meaningful, educational games for their students.

Patrick Costello is a coterm student in the Computer Science Department. He spends most his time working in the CS198 program as a Section Leader for the CS 106 A/B/X classes. This work has driven his passion for education and for using Computer Science to solve important social issues.

Dawson Zhou is currently an undergraduate student at Stanford studying Computer Science. He has spent most of his four years at Stanford as a section leader for CS 106A, CS 106B, and CS 106X. Next year, he will be the lecturer for CS 106L. Dawson enjoys teaching and long walks on the beach.