2012 Poster Sessions : The Intelligent Time Manager

Student Name : Jacob Bank, Caroline Suen
Advisor : Yoav Shoham
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
Personal calendars have long played a major role in time management, but they have evolved little over the years, and their contribution to productivity has stagnated. Inspired by logical theories of intention as well as experimental results on human productivity, and leveraging the power of optimization algorithms, we seek to reinvent the digital calendar. First, we increase the expressive power of calendar systems by deriving new entity types that go beyond simple events to better represent human intentions, plans, and goals. Next, we build on social psychological research to characterize the properties of a schedule best engineered for human productivity. Finally, we develop an optimization framework and algorithm to generate these schedules from a set of entities. With these tools combined, we transform the digital calendar from a passive repository into an active scheduling assistant.

Jacob Bank is a first year PhD student in the computer science department.

Caroline Suen is a senior undergraduate majoring in computer science.