2012 Poster Sessions : Maintaining Shared Mental Models in Anesthesia Crisis Care with Nurse Tablet Input and Large-screen Display

Student Name : Jesse Cirimele
Advisor : Scott Klemmer
Research Areas: Graphics/HCI
In an effort to reduce medical errors, doctors are beginning to embrace cognitive aids, such as paper-based checklists. We describe the early stage design process of an interactive cognitive aid for crisis care teams. This process included collaboration with anesthesia professors in the school of medicine and observation of medical students practicing in simulated scenarios. Based on these insights, we identify opportunities to employ large-screen displays and coordinated tablets to support team performance. We also propose a system design for interactive cognitive aids intended to encourage a shared mental model amongst crisis care staff.

Jesse Cirimele is a PhD candidate in Computer Science with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. Jesse has Bachelors degrees in cognitive science and mathematics from UCSD. His previous research investigated adaptive mobile interfaces, mobile health interventions (with professor Abby King of the Stanford Medical School), and improved browser history interfaces (with Google Research).