2008 Poster Sessions : Stanford Smart Memories Project

Student Name : Amin Firoozshahian
Advisor : Mark Horowitz
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Smart Memories is a scalable, reconfigurable multi-processor system targeted for supporting multiple programming models. With the parallel programming productivity turning into a challenge in the multi-core era, alternate parallel programming models have been proposed to facilitate and simplify the task of developing parallel software. These new models, usually targeting a specific application domain, make different assumptions about the underlying hardware and its capabilities. Smart Memories is a reconfigurable hardware platform that enables the user to tailor it to the requirements of the application/programming model. It has a set of reconfiguration capabilities, specifically in the memory system, which allows it to implement different memory access/communication protocols such as streaming or transactional memory.

Amin Firoozshahian is a PhD candidate in the Computer System Laboratory, Stanford University. He joined Stanford and Smart Memories project in the beginning of 2002, under supervision of professor Mark Horowitz. He has been responsible for architecture, design and implementation of a flexible memory system that can provide support for many programming models in the context of Smart Memories project. Currently he is working his thesis about generalization of the ideas used in the Smart Memories project and design of memory system ISA. His interests include programming models, memory system protocols and performance and parallel computing architectures. He has a Master's degree from University of Teharn and a Bachelor's degree from Sharif University of Technology.