2012 Poster Sessions : Efficient Super-Computing

Student Name : Milad Mohammadi
Advisor : William Dally
Research Areas: Computer Systems
The goal of the Efficient Supercomputing Project is to significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed executing scientific code while providing programmers an API that allows for productive algorithm implementation. We do this by exposing locality to the programmer, minimize unnecessary network traffic, and reduce cache contention and meta-data overhead.

Milad Mohammadi is a PhD Candidate in the Concurrent VLSI Architectures (CVA) group under the supervision of Professor William J. Dally. He completed his BS degree in VLSI Design and Solid State Device Physics at the University of British Columbia and his MS degree in Computer Software Systems at Stanford University. Milad's PhD research is on the design of an energy efficient supercomputer processor architecture that achieves the performance of an out-of-order processor with the energy budget of an in-order processor.