2012 Poster Sessions : Initial Results of Using an Intelligent Tutoring System with Alice

Student Name : James Nam
Advisor : Stephen Cooper
Research Areas: Computer Systems
An Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is a computer system that helps students learn without human interventions. There are many intelligent tutoring systems currently in practice, but few of them are related to computer science education.

In this research, we began to develop an intelligent tutoring system in Alice, a software program designed to teach introductory computer programming.

Our ITS will consist of two parts: one part that detects student struggles, and another part that offers corrective action for the student.

This research focuses on offering students corrective actions -- using stencils where students learn by making mistakes, which are intentionally designed and incorporated into the tutorial system.

James Nam is a sophomore and a Computer Science major. He studied in South Korea before he came to the United States to attend high school. In high school, his favorite subjects were mathematics, physics, and music. James participated in mathematics and physics olympiads in high school and ranked nationally.
In his freshman year, James took CS 106A with Professor Stephen Cooper and absolutely loved it. He took CS 106B the next quarter, and liked it even more! James feels very fortunate that he was able to do CURIS research with Professor Cooper.

James's favorite CS class so far is CS 161. His second favorite class is CS 198 (section leading). He is excited to take more fun CS classes for the next few years.
In his spare time (or while he works), James enjoys listening to Jazz music. His favorite musician is Keith Jarrett, because when he listens to Jarrett's recording, he can concentrate better and feel smarter. James's long-term goal is to use his knowledge and skills to benefit a lot of people and make the world a better place for everyone.

Although he really liked the research, James decided to experience internship this upcoming summer. He will be working for Facebook as a software engineering intern.