2012 Poster Sessions : Wireless monitoring of implantable pressure sensors

Student Name : Lisa Chen
Advisor : Ada Poon
Research Areas: Information Systems
The ability to observe time evolution of in vivo biopotential, biochemical, and biomechanical properties has the potential to yield breakthroughs in our understanding of human health and disease. Such enabling technology for continuous concurrent in vivo monitoring is sure to become the standard of care as an indispensible clinical tool in the early detection and treatment of disease. We intend to address the need for a generic system of chronically implantable sensors and a common detection platform to individually address and monitor them wirelessly. More specifically, we are focusing on the detection of entirely passive devices by an external interrogation system via a generic microwave link. We present wireless detection of implantable pressure monitoring devices at GHz operating frequencies. GHz operation frequencies are used to reduce both implant and interrogation system dimensions. Degradation of path loss through tissue at higher frequencies is compensated by higher achievable antenna gain and sensor radar cross sections for fixed size constraints.

Lisa Chen is an Electrical Engineering PhD student in Professor Ada Poon’s group. Her research interests include electromagnetic simulation and wireless sensing techniques for intracellular and in vivo applications. Lisa received her MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and BASc in Electrical Engineering from University of Waterloo, Canada. She has previously held internship positions at Apple, Morgan Stanley, and Sun Microsystems Research Labs.