2013 Poster Sessions : Recent Progress Towards Robotic Ultrasound Guidance Forradiation Therapy of Dynamic Soft-Tissue Targets

Student Name : Jeff Schlosser
Advisor : Kenneth Salisbury
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) is used to treat more than half of all cancer patients. In order to improve treatment outcomes, highly potent and accurate radiation doses must be delivered maximize local tumor control and minimize toxicity to surrounding healthy tissue. Anatomy motion during beam delivery poses a fundamental threat to realizing these objectives, and thus restricts the curative potential of EBRT. To address this challenge we are pursuing a novel EBRT image guidance approach in which a robotic manipulator obtains real-time ultrasound images during beam delivery. Soft-tissue movements are tracked in ultrasound images and used to guide precise patient positioning and radiation delivery to the target while avoiding adjacent healthy structures. In this poster we present our second-generation robotic manipulator design, as well as a software platform for planning radiation beams around image guidance hardware.

Jeff received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford in 2013, working with Ken Salisbury in the BioRobotics Lab and Dimitre Hristov in the Department of Radiation Oncology. He is the recipient of an AAPM Young Investigator’s Award, an NSF graduate research fellowship, and the Tau Beta Pi Centennial Fellowship. Based on the technology developed during his PhD, Jeff founded SoniTrack Systems, a medical robotics company that enables radiation delivery for cancer that continuously adapts to anatomy motion. SoniTrack Systems is part of the Stanford StartX accelerator program, and received an NIH/NCI Phase 1 STTR grant to pursue early-stage clinical trials in mid-2013.