2013 Poster Sessions : Digital Department

Student Name : Abhijeet Mohapatra
Advisor : Mike Genesereth
Research Areas: Computer Systems
Departmental policies are often implicit, non-obvious, and counter-intuitive because they are embedded in the organic, informal behavior of employees. Moreover, procedures are often reliant upon archaic and inefficient processes – such as the approval transfer and storage of paper forms. Under the Digital Department initiative, we propose to create an effective, web-based infrastructure for conducting departmental business (other than personal and classroom instruction). The goal (in the short term) is on replacing the numerous forms that constitute 'Academic Program Administration' and managing resources (such as event and room scheduling). Ultimately, this would include financial management (e.g. contract administration and travel reimbursements), academic affairs (such as course and program registration) and personal and group information management.

This project is exploring a Computational Logic approach to Eenterprise Management. The idea is to codify definitions, legal constraints, and enterprise policies as formulas in logic - as specifications for software modules and, in some cases, in executable form. Systems built with such logic technology are likely to be more explainable, verifiable, and composable than those built with traditional software engineering techniques. In some cases, the systems might be mechanically implementable, eliminating the software engineering activity altogether. The result is likely to be a much larger penetration of new types of applications, a decrease in bugs, a decrease in time to go live, a decrease in costs, an increase in system flexibility, and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Abhijeet Mohapatra is a 5th year PhD candidate in the Logic Group advised by Professor Michael Genesereth. His work focuses on data integration and view-based updates.