2013 Poster Sessions : Design Improvements of Upper Limb Prosthesis to Increase Acceptance Rate

Student Name : Margaret Chapman, Joel Sadler
Advisor : Kenneth Salisbury
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence
Low acceptance rates of the upper-limb prosthesis are an on-going challenge for users, medical device designers, and clinicians. Our goal is to better understand this low acceptance rate and explore solutions that might improve user satisfaction. We are prototyping a range of prosthetic devices that vary in anthropomorphic form, functionality, and cost. Our poster presents the current progress in device design and development as well as future testing goals.

Joel's research explores the design of low-cost modular electronics to enhance human ability and creativity. His prior work has focused on the design of affordable medical devices and prosthetics. He holds Mechanical Engineering degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

Margaret is a first-year Master’s student in mechanical engineering and received her B.S. in the same field from Stanford this past June. Since her graduation, she has been exploring the robotics research community and has discovered a special interest in how electromechanical design can be used for improving human health. After she completes her Master’s, she plans to enter the world of robotics industry and ultimately pursue a PhD in medical robotics.