2013 Poster Sessions : Level Crossing Statistics of Multihop Fading Channels in Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks

Student Name : Javier Lopez-Martinez
Advisor : Andrea Goldsmith
Research Areas: Information Systems
Second order statistics like level-crossing rate (LCR) incorporate information related with the dynamic behavior of fading channels. Here, we analyze the LCR and of the equivalent channel gain of a fixed-gain non-regenerative multihop relay network. Specifically, we derive exact closed-form expressions when the individual links are affected by lognormal fading with an arbitrary correlation profile. We also consider the scenario where these individual links are correlated. Using this analytical framework, we study the impact of mobility on a subset of relay stations, and the effect of correlation in the dynamics of the system.

F. Javier Lopez-Martınez received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Telecommunication Engineering in 2005 and 2010, respectively, from the University of Malaga (Spain). He joined the Communication Engineering Department at the University of Malaga in 2005, as an associate researcher, and was granted by the Andalusian Government to support his research in Wireless Communications. He is the recipient of a
Marie Curie grant from the UE under the U-mobility program at University of Malaga. Since August 2012, he is a postdoc scholar in theWireless Systems Lab (WSL) at Stanford University, under the supervision of Prof. Andrea J. Goldsmith. His current research activity is in the area of communication theory and statistics of random processes, with focus on the performance analysis of wireless communication systems and cognitive radio.