2008 Poster Sessions : Power Management of Packet Switches via Differentiated Delay Targets

Student Name : Benjamin Yolken
Advisor : Nicholas Bambos
Research Areas: Information Systems
We explore two novel scheduling algorithms that allow for both differentiated quality-of-service and power control in input-queued packet switches. At the core of these are backlog targets which represent the delay sensitivity of each input port/output port combination. These algorithms are denoted (1) target-based projective cone scheduling (T-PCS) and (2) average backlog scheduling (ABS). The first incorporates targets into the well-studied projective cone scheduling (PCS) algorithm. The second uses a "memory window" to ensure that average backlogs more faithfully follow the user-specified targets. We explain the intuition behind each of these and then show, through simulation, that both exhibit high performance in terms of managing power and QOS. They thus simultaneously address the latter two concerns in switch operation.

Benjamin Yolken is a fourth year PhD student in the Stanford Department of Management Science and Engineering. His research, under advisor Nicholas Bambos, focuses on game theoretic resource allocation in networked settings.